Smart tracking

It is a solution that integrates security and logistics for the vehicles of your company. With this tool you can from the Internet and anywhere in the world:


  • Control the integrity of your vehicles
  • Know the location in real time
  • Know the status of alarms
  • Check daily security events

Smart industry

Manufacturing companies rely on extensive machinery management that depends on proper operation and coordination between the different production phases. In addition, delivery processes and merchandise monitoring.

The above reflects one of the biggest challenges: total and remote control of the plant, as well as prevention of system failures

Smart supply chain

Cost control and proper monitoring of the cold chain in the distribution industry should be a topic on the radar of directors and maintenance teams to control critical operational elements.

This industry needs to be competitive for the demands of its users, hygiene systems, regulation and other intermediaries that increasingly press the margins and financial results

Smart care

A solution to monitor the daily activity of older relatives, focusing on safety and comfort, all in one.

A product that seeks to improve the quality of life of our loved ones by generating well-being, providing permanent information to caregivers, controlling and managing systems at a distance, and deriving behaviors and habits through the application of Machine Learning in captured data.

Smart home

It offers powerful automation tools that will allow you to easily create routines for switching on or off lights, air conditioning, heating and appliances, as well as activating and deactivating sensors, alarms, notifications, etc.

From these tools the agenda (scheduler) will allow you to create the routines according to your preferences example, days, hours, temperature, modes, etc., on the other hand the rule engine will allow you to get the best out of the Installed sensors example how a door sensor can help you save energy.

Smart access

Passwords are complex, hard to remember and insecure by nature, which reduces the productivity of your employees, decreases business opportunities and increases exposure to security incidents.

Based on the idea of mobile as an extension of the user in the digital world, we offer our clients a complete range of products and solutions to meet the authentication and access control requirements.