Services, devices and real IoT applications for your company.

Internet of Things

IoT Services & Microprocessing Solutions since 2006

S&C offers services, hardware and applications. LET US make the Internet of Things a reality in your company based on our five offers


Artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things demand rapid and dramatic improvements in chip performance, power efficiency, cost, and time to market. This challenge is the force behind our company’s new playbook.


The availability, quality, security and scalability of the information captured on the devices are key factors in the world of IoT. We have cloud-based solutions to capture and deliver the data within your company.


We constantly seek best practices from the world of IoT to create solutions to the needs and challenges of our clients. Our teams and allies gather proven solutions and ready to meet your needs.



Prior to delivering a solution that meets the needs, it is important to build a solid understanding of the business challenges. Our team discovers, explores and designs with our clients the best solution.


We put at your disposal different ways for you to get the most out of enControl, if you have any requirements, do not hesitate to use the accesses that we put at your disposal.


Automated connectivity management for all your connected devices

Ensure your devices connect reliably, securely, and cost-efficiently with Control Center, the IoT platform that automates connectivity management

Leaders in IoT for industry

We think about the risks that your company may face in the future, managing critical processes and tracking results in real time.

What is measured is controlled

That is why it is important to detect deficiencies in time and control them through a proper management process, supported by IoT tools and an excellent visualization tool.

Simplify things

The competitive environment demands practical, real and cost effective solutions. S&C evaluates all possibilities to offer the ideal solution for your company.

We are much more than a technology company

Our team has the ability to create solutions that contribute to the growth of your company, improving processes and strengthening your skills.