BUILDings intelligent MAnagement system based on edge computing and explainable AI

BUILDMAwill design an intelligent building management system based on edge computing and it will be validated by carrying out two pilot tests in a real environment. It is based on a secure and scalable 3-tier Edge Computing architecture supported by virtual organizations that will orchestrate distributed XAI algorithms to obtain and analyze parameters related to occupants and environmental variables, integrating local generation and storage systems. Estimates and predictions from available data will be sent as recommendations to users following a social computing approach, which will try to maximize indoor comfort (thermal comfort, visual comfort, and indoor air quality), and the system will flexibly adapt to occupancy patterns, following consumer preferences and considering the reputation of efficiency actions.

Project type: MICINN/2021 Public-Private Collaboration Program.

Project CPP2021-009051, BUILDMA financed by MCIN/AEI /10.13039/501100011033 and by the European Union NextGenerationEU/ PRTR

S&C Role: Developer and Research Partners