Project Name: Sistema de ventilación inteligente y detección del nivel de higienización de interiores (Smart ventilation system and detection of the level of indoor sanitation)

Project Description: Development of a tool capable of measuring indoor and outdoor air quality to alert how and how long to ventilate in order to avoid contagion indoors. The indoor air quality will take into account all those factors that influence the permanence of the virus in the air, as well as the quality of the outdoor air in order to act on other ventilation mechanisms when the outdoor air quality is not adequate. In addition, it will alert of the level of disinfection of the room by detecting certain chemical compounds typical of cleaning products.

Project Type: INNOTEC

File Name: ACE014/20/000018

S&C Role: (1) Integrate new sensors for detecting indoor air quality (VOC, CO2, PM2.5, temperature and humidity) and outdoor air quality; (2) Development of an app to visualise the indoor air quality; (3) Automatic actuation on ventilation systems (air purifier)

Project funded by: Acciò