Project name: Asistencia de la vida cotidiana mediante sensores de gas (Daily life support via gas sensors)

Project description: The aim of the project is to create a product based on gas detectors for elderly people, allowing them to be safe alone at home. Gas detectors allow you to monitor activities of daily living within the home, as well as identify dangerous situations. Gas detectors reduce the technical limitations that other sensors have for continuous activity monitoring. In addition, it controls the privacy of users, thus increasing the level of acceptance of this technology.

Project type: INNOTEC

File name: INNOTECRD18-1-0054

S&C Role: (1) Design web and app interfaces for elderly and caregivers; (2) Integrate gas sensors into the current IoT solution; (3) Validation in a real environment

Project funded by: Acció

Finaciado por: Acció