SPEAR a new approach to energy optimisation for industry

Flexible and highly generic optimisation platform

SPEAR a pan-European research project proudly bears the ITEA label. Formed by a consortium of 22 partners from five European countries. SPEAR aimed to spawn ground-breaking innovation for energy optimisation in industrial production processes.

SPEAR’s heart is an extremely flexible and highly generic optimisation platform, it hosts a comprehensive set of optimisation algorithms – each one facilitating effective and profitable energy efficiency in highly complex production processes. SPEAR does not focus on isolated industry sectors, rather, a broad spectrum of application domains like production processes in common plants, production lines, buildings, hybrid drives, also new tech like wind turbine drive trains is supported. Moreover, the energy-specific optimisation of existing and new production plants during virtual commissioning and during the running production is supported.

SPEAR overcomes available approaches by means of a unique mechanism. Instead of using estimated or simplified models for the simulation-based optimisation, our solution makes use of the real device-provided simulation models to produce highly accurate forecasts for the energy consumption of industrial production processes. The accuracy of these forecasts together with the developed optimization algorithms enables a significant reduction of energy consumption and costs.