1st Call for projects involving technology transfer between countries

The European SMART4ALL project opens its first call to finance projects that involve technology transfer between countries (CTTEs)

The European SMART4ALL project opens its first call to finance projects that involve technology transfer between countries (CTTEs). This call is part of the SMART4ALL project program funded under the Horizon 20202 program of the European Union.

  • Deadline: March 1, 2021 17:00 CET
  • Aimed at: Universities / Academic institutions, SMEs / Medium companies, and technology providers in general.
  • Financing: Up to € 80,000 per consortium
  • More info (English) https://smart4all-project.eu/opencalls-apply-now/
  • Participation https://smart4all.fundingbox.com/


The SMART4ALL project is a European project funded under the H2020 program (Grant Agreement No. 872614), which aims to create a network of digital innovation centers (Digital Innovation Hubs) to facilitate the use of innovative technologies in those companies that need support and that are located in central and southeastern Europe. SMART4ALL aims to develop cross-border projects that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technology between industry, research centers and universities. The possible applications / experiments have been divided into the following sectors: Digital environment, Digital agriculture, Digital transport and Digitization in general. You can participate in the SMART4ALL project via the link https://smart4all-project.eu/joinus. For more information about the project, we recommend visiting the following link https://smart4all-project.eu/

Projects with technology transfer between countries (CTTEs)

The projects that involve technology transfer between countries (Cross-domain Technology Transfer Experiments – CTTEs) are projects with a duration of between 6 and 9 months oriented towards one of the 4 sectors defined in the project: Digital environment, Digital agriculture, Digital transport and Digitization in general. The objective of this type of project is to enhance synergies between countries, as well as to support project members towards future commercialization of the product.

For this type of project, the consortium must be made up of 3 entities (research centers / companies) from at least 2 countries eligible for European funding. The ideal consortium would be formed by a technology provider (academic / industrial) that transfers its technology to a pioneering technology recipient that will try to commercialize it through a commercial entity. In this case, the 3 mentioned entities can present a joint proposal, forming a consortium, through a simple form. It is important to mention that the coordinator of said consortium must be a SME industrial entity.

The following table summarizes the different possibilities for creating a consortium.

Who can submit a proposal for the CTTE call?

To submit a proposal, a consortium must be created made up of 3 entities from at least 2 different countries that include a technology provider (academic / industrial) that transfers its technology to a pioneering technology recipient that will try to market it through a commercial entity . The consortium supports the following entities:

Universities and research centers.
SMEs as defined in the document EU recommendation 2003/361. Medium-sized companies can participate as long as they have less than 500 employees and with a turnover of less than € 100M.
Technology providers / technology recipients, for example, any entity specialized in
The entities mentioned above must have a tax domicile in an eligible country. Eligible countries are members of the European Union (including the United Kingdom), countries associated with the H2020 program, as well as any non-EU member country of Southeastern Europe included in Annex A of the H2020 program. Due to the fact that one of the objectives of the SMART4ALL project is to promote the digital transformation of those countries with little representation in European funding programs, the inclusion in the consortium of entities from any of the following countries will be a plus when evaluating: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Serbia.

The members of the SMART4ALL project consortium cannot under any circumstances participate in these calls.


The proposals submitted must describe both a technical plan and an estimate of the associated costs, taking into account the following restrictions:

Total financing of the proposal: The projects will be financed with a single payment of € 80,000.

  • Funding per consortium member: Each consortium member can receive funding of a maximum of € 60,000.
  • The financing of the project will be paid to the coordinator who will be in charge of distributing the corresponding amounts to the different members of the consortium as it must be stipulated in the proposal.
  • Multiple proposals and participations in other calls of the SMART4ALL project or the I4MS and SAE projects of the H2020 program
  • No legal entity can be doubly financed in a call for the SMART4ALL project. This means that in the event that an entity is included in several proposals, only the proposal that has a higher score will be financed. In addition, following the rules of the European Commission, entities that have received more than € 100,000 via calls for projects H2020 I4MS (https://i4ms.eu/) and SAE cannot be financed. (https://smartanythingeverywhere.eu/).
  • This amount does not include the financing that comes from other projects financed with the FP7 or H2020 programs, since participation in European projects does not influence participation in the different calls of the SMART4ALL project. Furthermore, the fact of participating in this call does not exclude an entity from participating in other calls of the SMART4ALL project as long as the aforementioned rules are met.

Matchmaking & Partner Service (Search for partners)

The SMART4ALL project offers a search service for partners who are interested in participating in the call through a consortium. The service is offered at the following link: https://matchmaking.smart4all-project.eu/

How to take part?

To participate in the call there is a guide and a set of frequently asked questions in English that can be consulted on the SMART4ALL Application Kit website (https://smart4all-project.eu/opencalls-apply-now).

The link to submit proposals is: https://smart4all.fundingbox.com/

IMPORTANT: The deadline for submitting proposals is March 1, 2021 at 17:00 CET.

For more information about the project, it is recommended to visit the different social networks where you can find updated information about the different events:
https://www.linkedin.com/SMART4ALLH2020 group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12369183/




Proveedores tecnológicos / receptores tecnológicos, por ejemplo, cualquier entidad especializada en la transferencia o integración de tecnología, proveedores de servicios a clientes finales, etc.